MSK Raman Microscopy Kit
MSK Raman Microscopy Kit - Raman Systems Most Versatile System
(Download MSK Raman Microscopy Kit Datasheet)

The MSK Raman Microscopy Kit from Raman Systems turns an upright laboratory microscope into a video Raman spectroscope. The kit includes a Raman Beamsplitter Module that mounts below the eyepiece assembly and a USB Color Video Camera that mounts onto the camera port above the eyepiece.

The Raman Beamsplitter Module works with the Raman Systems models PeakSeeker™ and PeakSeeker Pro™ spectrometers mating to the fiber optic probe. The USB Color Video Camera facilitates precise sample positioning of the laser spot from the Raman spectrometer.

The MSK Raman Microscopy Kit can be used with most modular upright microscopes fitted with reflected light illumination and infinite plan achromat objectives. The kit works with reflected light Kohler illuminators, fiberoptic illuminators, or a compact white LED brightfield illuminator specially designed for the MSK (sold separately).

Order Codes
  • MSK-785 for spectrometer models: PEK-785; PRO-785; PRO-785E
  • MSK-532 for spectrometer model PRO-532