Raman Systems has pioneered the development and commercialization of portable Raman spectrometers, with roots in Boston University's Photonics Research Center. Since 1997, Raman Systems have been supplying affordable and portable Raman spectroscopic chemical analyzers with over thousand units deployed worldwide. The combination of performance and price has set a standard for Raman instrumentation and brought this very powerful analytical technique from the high-end research domain to the general laboratory, on-site inspections, criminal investigation, and industrial quality control applications.

In July 2009 Raman Systems became a business unit of Agiltron Incorporated. Leveraging Agiltron's world class optical components innovations and volume manufacturing expertise and scale, Raman Systems is now engineering and launching new generations of portable and handheld chemical analyzers offering industry leading performance and affordability. Innovating with disruptive technologies, we strive to extend the reach of Raman instruments to everyone and everywhere that requires accurate organic chemical identification, verification, and screening.

We lead the Raman chemical analyzer industry in performance and cost with our most competitive pricing guarantee. We also develop customer hardware and software solution to meet your need and budget.