Raman Systems News
November 29, 2011

Raman Systems Introduces Affordable SERS Media

Low Cost Nano-structured Material Enables Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Ubiquitous Laboratory and Clinical Applications

Woburn, MA, November 29, 2011 - Raman Systems MII Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Agiltron Inc., announces the availability of its rSERS™ surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrate priced for ubiquitous laboratory and clinical use. The breakthrough rSERS™ nano-engineered media can drastically enhance the Raman signal by more than a million times. The patent pending technology combines industry leading enhancement factors, measurement reproducibility and application versatility with the lowest cost of testing.

The rSERS™ platform is the most affordable substrate for routine use and is widely applicable to trace analysis of chemical and biological materials. The reusable accessory MediaSleeve™ is a convenient holder that accommodates up to four of the rSERS™ media "chips", and dimensioned to a standard 75 mm x 25 mm microscope slide platform for direct use with microscope equipped Raman spectrometers.

The rSERS media are ideal for use with the Raman Systems RSM Video Raman Microscope. The RSM Raman Microscope and the rSERS platform is being demonstrated in the exhibit hall at the Materials Research Society Fall Meeting being held in Boston from November 29 through December 1.

July 23, 2009
Agiltron Acquires Raman Systems

Woburn, MA, -- Agiltron, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of photonic and optical components for communications, sensing and imaging, has acquired the assets of privately held Raman Systems, Inc. Raman Systems is now a product brand of the MultiSpectral Imaging business division of Agiltron. Founded in 1997 by professors at Boston University, Raman Systems has pioneered the portable and affordable Raman spectrometers for chemical analysis. Its line of Raman spectrometers includes a handheld unit and compact instruments that combine performance and ease-of-use. Agiltron's industrial leading position in manufacturing photonic components and systems will enable the company to offer Raman solutions with better performance at lower cost. The acquisition represents Agiltron's strategy to accelerate growth in the novel optical technology markets. The company is and has been hiring industrial veterans amid the recession. For more information contact: humanresource@agiltron.com