We have compiled a list of frequently encountered questions relating to spectral measurements. Please send us email ( ), or call Simon at 781-935-1200 ext 2627

When software is started, the following message appears: ¡°Unable To Find Device With Serial:¡± or ¡°Error Opening USB Device¡± Software is unable to find the right device, because of wrong settings If you have recently installed the software, try shutting it down and restarting. If you get the same message again, please contact us
Spectrum look absolutely flat, and all Y-values are zero Computer and Spectrometer not communicating  
Spectrum does not show any peaks, only noise is visible   Laser may be off Make sure the ¡°Laser Light¡± on the spectrometer is ON, the Key is turned 90-degrees to the right, and Interlock key is placed in position. DO NOT LOOK INTO THE PROBE TO SEE IF LASER LIGHT IS VISIBLE
    Power may be too low If you have a power meter, check the power at the tip of the probe. On a 785 nm system, it should be close to 200mW, and for a 532nm system, it should be either 25mW or 50mW
Spectrum shows peaks but the peak locations don¡¯t match   System may not be calibrated For a 785 nm system, place the verification cap on the probe and perform "Verification". For 532 nm system, use isopropyl alcohol instead
Spectrum shows peaks, but some peaks are cut off at the top   CCD is saturating Cut down on integration time. If this doesn¡¯t work, try defocusing the beam by moving the probe backward, instead of holding it flush against the sample/vial
Spectrum shows peaks, but there is also a very broad background   Fluorescence from the sample The choice of excitation wavelength may be wrong.
Spectrum does not show any peak, but just a broad background   Reflective Sample