RSM Video Raman Microscope
An affordable and versatile accessory for Raman Systems spectrometers
(Download The RSM Video Raman Microscope Datasheet)

The Raman Systems RSM Video Raman Microscope is an upright laboratory microscope that couples to a Raman Systems spectrometer (sold separately). The accessory is supplied with a Reflected Light Illuminator and a USB Color Video Camera.

The RSM Video Raman Microscope works with the Raman Systems models PeakSeeker™ and PeakSeeker Pro™ spectrometers mating to the fiber optic probe. The USB Color Video Camera facilitates precise sample positioning of the laser spot from the Raman spectrometer onto a solid sample surface.

The RSM Video Raman Microscope is supplied with long working distance, infinite plan achromat objectives. The higher magnification objectives provide a smaller laser spot size.

Order Codes
  • RSM-785 for spectrometer models PEK-785; PRO-785; PRO-785E
  • RSM-532 for spectrometer model PRO-532
  • Specifications

    Component Specification
    Eyepiece    Wide field 10X (22mm) binocular
    Objectives Infinity Corrected
    Magnification     Working Distance
    4X       25 mm
    10X      11 mm
    20X      8 mm
    50X       2 mm
      Sample Stage   Dimensions: 190 mm x 150 mm
      X-Y Range: 75 mm x 50 mm (manual)  
    Focusing Coaxial coarse & fine adjustment
    Fine focusing scale 0.002 mm
    Illumination Brightfield Reflected
    12V 30W brightness variable
    Camera 1.3 MP Color CMOS
    1.8 meter long USB cable
    0.5X image reduction lens
    0.01mm linewidth stage micrometer
    Software CD