FAQs - Questions on our software
How easy or difficult is it to install the software?
All our systems are shipped with a computer and the software is pre-installed. Each instrument is calibrated and verified when it reaches the customer. The software and calibration files are supplied on a diskette for user installation if required.
Does the software come with drivers for third-party software?

No, however, the data format is compatible with many third-party applications.

What format does the software save data in?
Thermo Scientific's GRAMS/AI compatible SPC format and ASCII format.
Do all instruments run the same software?
What operating systems does the software work with?
Windows XP and higher. It does not run on MAC.
What is frames-based data acquisition?

A frame can be defined as a unit of time that the actual sample measurement is taken. For example, when the integration time is set at 10 seconds, one can say that the integration takes place in one frame of 10 second duration.

If an integration time of 60 seconds is required, one can set the frame size to be 60 seconds, in which case only one frame is recorded. An alternative is to set the frame size to 30 seconds, in which case 2 frames will be recorded. Setting a frame size to 15 seconds will record 4 frames and so on. If a frame size is set at 50 seconds, two frames will be recorded, the first one of 50 seconds, and the next one of 10 seconds.

The frames are then co-added (as opposed to averaging, where the total signal is divided by the number of measurements).

What are the advantages of frames-based data acquisition?

Frames based data acquisition is most useful when you need to acquire a signal over long integration times. We have noticed that adding smaller frames improves the sensitivity of the overall signal by reducing the noise (although not completely eliminating).

Integrating with frames also eliminates the need for thermo-electrically cooling the CCD as in the PeakSeeker and PinPointer models. A CCD is cooled to reduce the thermal noise, which becomes an issue only at higher integration times. However by going to frames, we never integrate over 30 seconds.